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Auto Service Advantages

Are you tired of the dealership or the automotive repair shop that just seems to be guessing at what your cars problems may be.  Regrettably the automotive service industry has its share of shops that practice less than ethical or questionable business practices.

We Take pride in running our shop with old world honesty and integrity. These are two qualities that seem to be very hard to find in these days. We know that getting your car service or repaired correctly is challenging to say the least. That is why we strive to make your service visit to our shop absolutely a pleasure. You will be informed of the diagnosis, all of the  procedures involved in servicing your car.


The Hi-tech Auto Service facility has been remodeled to accommodate all cars and light duty trucks. we have ample parking for all cars. We have fenced and secured lot of overnight storage. We use the latest diagnostic equipment especially for European cars so we are able to diagnose and program your vehicles.

Our Staff

car-frontAt Hi-Tech Auto service our staff is comprised of highly qualified and trained technicians and service manager. Together we have over 75 years of experience to provide you with top notch high quality service and repairs for all of your cars.

We feel our staff truly make a difference in the type of service we will provide.

We want the chance to earn your trust.

We will take the time to make sure you understand your repairs completely.

We want to take care of your smallest concerns.

We want a chance to make to correct recommendation for your car.
{Safety comes first}

We encourage you to stop by and see what is being done to your car.
{this truly helps you understand what is involved in repairing or servicing your car}